Seven Clans – Part One

PROMPT: The barbarian girl from the north arrives at the school for priests. THE STORY: Akia stood silently in front of the still closed gates that lead out of her clan’s village. Today was the day she had been dreading for the last five years. Today, she had to leave her family home and go […]

Ideas on Writing

Writing to me is more an obsession than a hobby The first time I put pen to paper in an effort to put down something was for an assignment in my English class in 6th grade. The assignment had been given to us due to a flood that happened in the fall of 1986. My […]

What To Do Now? Scammed by Someone you Trust

This is a true story – I have changed the names to protect the innocent The Story Chris had a decent life. Things weren’t great, but they were on their way up. While chatting on twitter he came across someone who had ‘seen his profile’ and wanted to chat. They chatted for a few weeks […]

Homeless are Human Too

Just Because They Don’t Have Everything You Do… Doesn’t Mean they Don’t Have Value. I have said this before and I will say it again. Homeless people are still people and don’t deserve how they are treated most of the time. A lack of a house or money doesn’t lessen their value. They have hopes […]